Lyagushka (Frog) Rock

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    Not specified
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  • Location:
    Vestochka village
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    Not limited

Tour information

Lyagushka (Frog) Rock located in south Sakhalin is one the most mysterious places on the island. The legend says that ancient people of Ainu worshiped this rock as the temple of wisdom. Present day paranormalists say that the Frog is not just a beautiful rock, but an entity that “manifests itself on three levels – heaven, earth and underground – same as the life cycle of a frog, which is born in water, crawls the earth and beds deep in mud during winter”. The first thing to note here is that the Frog Rock is a part of the chain of rocks that line-up similar to the planets of the Solar system. Each rock in this chain is named after a planet, which makes it very easy to travel to Mars or Venus. A path to the Frog Rock is guarded by a stone sphinx. From the top of the rock you will enjoy a breathtaking view on a pyramid mountain, Aniva bay and lakes along the Okhotsk sea shore. This is only a small fraction of what expects you in this mystic place. While walking towards the Frog Rock you will cross a Meadow of Sun, which changes color every day (from bright green to pale shades). You will not find any meadow flowers here. The meadow looks like a well mowed lawn arranged by a landscape designer. Next to the meadow is a mountain river called Komissarovka (or Aichka) which is said to have healing water. A little further you will see a Meadow of Moon where you can find a stone of wishes and a stone that answers questions.

  • Clothing

    Comfortable shoes and clothes

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    Lunchbox Drinking water

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    Transport Guide services

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Tour route

10:00 am Departure from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

10:30 am Arrival to Vestochka.

12:00 am Hike to the Lyagushka (Frog) Rock.

2:00 pm Leaving the Lyagushka (Frog) Rock.

3:30 pm Return to the bus.

4:00 pm Arrival to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.