Region 65

The Sakhalin Region is the only island region in Russia. In the Charter of the Sakhalin Region 77 islands are officially registered and are closely associated with the history of our region.

And a lot can be told about the history, as well as about the geography of the region.

Sakhalin is an island off the east coast of Asia. It is part of the Sakhalin region, the largest island in the Russian Federation. It is washed by the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and the Sea of ​​Japan. From the mainland Asia is separated by the Tatar Strait (at the narrowest part of the Nevelskogo strait the width is 7.3 km). From the Japanese island of Hokkaido is separated by the Strait of La Perouse. The length of the island is 948 km.

Sakhalin Island received its name from the Manchu name of the Amur River: "Sakhalyan-Ulla Anga Hata", which means "Rocks at the mouth of the Black River". In ancient times, the Ainus - the people living on its territory, called the island as: "Karapto-moshiri", which means an island with a lot of lakes.

In 1849, an expedition under the command of Gennady Ivanovich Nevelskoy, after passing through the Baikal military transport ship between Sakhalin and the mainland, established that Sakhalin is an island. Soon the strait was named in his honor - the Strait of Nevelskoy.

In honor of Nevelskoy is known not only the Gulf of the Sea of ​​Japan off the western shores of Sakhalin Island, but also on the coast of this bay - the port city of Nevelsk. From here, in good weather, you can see the natural park - Moneron Island.

In 1869, the tsarist government officially announced the approval of penal servitude on the island of Sakhalin. The first convict settlements were founded in the north of Sakhalin.

The great Russian writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov went to Sakhalin in order to learn about the life and life of convicts. On the island, he conducted a population census, he wrote about it in the book "Sakhalin Island", where he tells about some of the personalities known to us, among whom is Sonya the Golden Hand.

The Sakhalin region differs from other regions of Russia in its uniqueness. This region is able to shock even experienced travelers. In our region, a huge number of diverse natural monuments are collected: rocky outskirts in the form of freakish forms, the richest fish rivers, mountain and valley lakes, with clear, clean water, forest areas with unique vegetation, including endemic plants.

On the island of Sakhalin you can admire mud volcanoes, periodically erupting mud masses and gases; to visit the highest peaks of the island, including one of the most beautiful places - the Zhdanko Ridge, which offers views of the eastern and western coast of Sakhalin. In addition, you can admire the impressive waterfalls located throughout the region.

In a word, the Sakhalin region is extremely surprising and diverse.

We offer everyone who wants to visit Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands, which are attracted by their stunning energy and mysterious aura.